Attention! Many of the following items require 25 to 30 working days for the industry to manufacture them. If you have a tighter deadline, please do not proceed with the order as I cannot support it.

Front seat covers (universal type)

They cover the front part of the two front seats of the car Very easy to install Economical and provide protection for the factory seats

THE SEMI CAR SEAT COVERS (universal type)

Cover the front and sides of the front seats while leaving the back uncovered. Apart from being easy to install, They remain in place because they embrace the upper part of the seat, while covering half of the side edges both at the top and bottom. This way, they can also cover any wear and tear that usually occurs at the top of the side part.


They are constructed based on the model and cover all parts of the interior seats. They have a perfect fit and excellent stability due to their elastic fabrics and custom construction, As they leave no gaps or excess material. They also have durability that can reach 8 to 10 years, depending on usage. They five stich  processing for extra strength, while special handling is applied to the airbag points. With these covers, you can protect the factory upholstery from irreversible wear and tear, and additionally, you have the ability to change the style and color of your living room. You can choose from many colors, designs, and fabrics according to your needs. You have the option to cover only the front seats or to make a complete covering of interior seats. Headrests, armrest rear side top trim are included in set.

Regarding the installation, it is done with the special hooks that are included in the set, while the custom construction of the covers and the elastic fabrics will greatly assist you in the application. The side and back are covered with highly durable elastic lining, keeping the covers stretched for years even after the gradual wear of the seat structure, while you can safely make openings for the headrests and the middle armrest without them coming loose. Once you're done, you'll see a brand new interior with vibrant colors that will accompany you for years. Multiple color options are available within each listing.

We can support you with installation videos.

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