Shipping methods, cost


The processing of the order.

If the order is received by 12:00 noon the product is delivered the next day (or the day after if something happens) to the Courier for shipping. After receiving, the Courier delivers the parcel in one to three working days in Attica and throughout Greece. The islands are 2-3 days depending on the ship routes. For home delivery with an extra charge on Saturday or pick up from ELTA SPEEDEX without an extra charge. Caution. In hard-to-reach areas that do not have an elta courier station, the parcel is forwarded via elta post offices for unnecessary delivery with a relative delay. (Only for local customers)

This entire chain of parcel movement (warehouse-truck-konstas market, integrity check, packing, Courier-shipment-receipt) we make sure to have it under control (telephone calls with courier carriers) so that the parcel reaches its destination. In the vast majority of orders are processed within schedule except for special circumstances, which the unclassified puts his hand. If the order is mats, seat covers, dashboard covers, the manufacturing industry needs to be added to this chain, which needs from 4 to 10-25 working days to deliver the product. Until the item is delivered to the customer, we do everything possible to make the whole process run smoothly. Thanks in advance.  (For local and international customers)

Shipping methods
Only for local customers)


Flat rate shipping to Europe 25 euro. For shipments outside Europe, please email us at for further information.

By carrier if the parcels are of great weight or volume and for international shipments

The cost with ELTA COURIER OR SPEEDEX COURIER (Only for local customers)

**If the item has free shipping, additional charges are excluded (inaccessible areas, parcels over 4 kg, etc.) which are charged normally.(Only for local customers)

**There is a case that occasionally for competitive reasons the cost of cash on delivery or transfer will change which you will be informed immediately with the purchase (Only for local customers)

The shipping cost is 3 euros for weight up to 4 kg (and one euro for each additional kg) for mainland and island Greece. If in case your area is difficult to reach (DP) or remote (AP) there is no additional charge but there is a relative delay due to delivery by ELTA OR SPEEDEX  post office. (If you want quick delivery, with the shipping code we have sent you, pick up your package from the nearest ELTA OR SPEEDEX Courier here. Search for a package here SPEEDEX  ELTA COURIER

Transportation Companies
Bulky and heavy parcels via a truck transport company where the customer makes sure to pick them up from the transporter's headquarters in their city. If you work with a transporter this can be used, otherwise we can find a transporter to send the parcel. The cost for large parcels, towbars, trolley covers, Bull bars, roll bars, bumpers, varies around 15 to 20 euros which the customer pays upon receipt. If the order is placed early in the morning and the financial arrangements are made (9:00-10:00) the package can travel immediately and be received the next day. Regarding the islands the ship schedules will decide when you will receive)(
Only for local customers)

In order to receive from the store, an order in the eshop or telephone notification must have been made.(Only for local customers)


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