In case the customer wants to return the product for any reason, it must be done within 14 days from the date of purchase invoice. The customer contacts via email or by phone at 2262026949 and informs the store of their intentions. In the return of products, the transportation costs as well as the expenses incurred by the store for their shipment are borne exclusively by the customer. The items to be returned must: • Not have their packaging violated and be in their original condition as received. Genuine stickers and accessories must not be missing. • For their transportation, they must be packaged separately to avoid damage to the original packaging during transportation, using adhesive tapes, strings, transport stickers, etc.

Additionally, products cannot be returned if they have been manufactured according to the specifications that you, the buyer, have defined, or according to your personal requirements and customizations, or if they are inherently impossible to be returned by shipment (such as custom-made chain covers of non-standard length, etc.). Also, all accompanying documents, invoices, and receipts will be returned. In any other case, returned items will not be accepted and will be returned to the customer at their own expense. The online store assumes no responsibility, and both parties may immediately terminate the contract without compensation for any delays in delivery caused by third-party liability, such as suppliers, carriers, natural disasters, transportation strikes, route changes, and generally any force majeure events.

Why Choose Us? Because we have a physical store since 1992, which means a hassle-free shopping experience, trust, and guidance for your purchases if needed. Because we offer carefully low prices, expecting our profit to come from increasing our customer base. Because very few e-shops have powerful filters (resulting from numerous catalogs and PDFs) that allow you to quickly and easily find the product you're looking for. Because by contributing even just one euro to the social food bank, you perform a good deed, providing assistance to the poorest of the poor. The previous statements are simple truths. Thank you very much for the latter.